Design Gods – The Introduction

As a long time professional designer, I have developed not only specific design protocols and techniques, but an important philosophy that guides everything I create. This philosophy is ever evolving and the purpose of this blog is to nurture its evolution in a more collaborative environment; it is important to me that the final principals that define this philosophy are discussed and debated within the larger design community.

The goal of the Design Gods Blog is build on some fundamental realizations that my many years of designing, illustrating and creating have brought forth as my own personal truths.

I hope to find that these truths have universal appeal to other professionals in the creative field and that the meaning and value of these truths can be better defined and focused. Ultimately, I hope to generate a designer’s manifesto – that is, a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, that will serve as a guide to designers and creative professionals across the board.

The foundational aspect of this design philosophy is pretty straight forward:

We, as designers, are the Gods of our creations.

The implications of such a statement are far reaching and complex. Firstly, such a statement sounds pretty egocentric to those who, on a daily basis, are not creating things. One must first accept the postulation that, for example, a logo designed today did not exist yesterday. It is new to this world, to our reality, the brainchild of it’s creator.

What does this mean? There is no simple answer to this. We can talk about the effort, the energy, the commitment and passion, the work, etc., etc., that went into it’s creation. We can talk about the variables that needed to be considered – the client, the marketplace, the demographic it needs to appeal to, the inherent values it needs to express. And what about the tools we used to create it? And what about the financial limitations associated with any given project and how these limitations interact with our artistic integrity?

I hope, through this blog, to fuel a meaningful conversation on all of these topics. That will happen in good time. For now, let’s just consider what being a God of our creations entails. Let’s investigate the commitment and responsibility it implies and how it guides us through the act of creating.


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